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We’ll take care of your old appliances with our removal services.

Upgrading your appliances is an important household task. Whether your appliance has given out on you or you are just ready for an update, replacing appliances is both exciting and daunting. If you’re wondering what to do with your old appliances, our team has the answer with our appliance removal services.

Appliance Removal in McMinn County, Tennessee

Appliances are awkward items to move and difficult to discard. This can turn them into major inconveniences after new appliances are installed. You want to get them off your property—and the sooner the better. We understand that urgency and provide prompt appliance removal services so you can get them out of your space and enjoy your new items.

At McMinn Moving N More, we pride ourselves on providing quality moving and junk removal services at affordable rates. Our team has a reputation for being reliable, respectful, and attentive in every job we do. Because we also offer moving services, we are experienced in the art of moving large objects in and out of homes. Our team is trained in how to maneuver through homes without scuffing walls or otherwise damaging your home or possessions. From hauling away every last bit of junk to carefully packing valuables and attentively moving old appliances out of your home, we know our services are only worthwhile when they’re done right.

If you need appliance removal services, give our trusted team a call. We offer our services throughout McMinn County, Tennessee, and we will see to your home quickly. Let us haul away your appliances so you can enjoy your newly updated home.

At McMinn Moving N More, we offer appliance removal services in Madisonville, Athens, and all of McMinn County, Loudon County, Bradley County, and Monroe County, Tennessee.