Change Can be Good: Embracing the New Possibilities of an Office Relocation

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As companies grow and evolve, office relocations often become necessary. Even when the announcement is met with reluctance and uncertainty, it presents an opportunity to redefine your company’s identity.

Change Can be Good: Embracing the New Possibilities of an Office Relocation

In this article, we have compiled a handy list of various ways you can readjust you and your team to an exciting new environment brimming with potential:

  • Communicate Early, Openly, and Consistently. Change can be unnerving, but clear and consistent communication makes the transition smoother. Inform your staff about moving timelines well before the move. This will give you sufficient time to gather any input or grievances concerning the office relocation. Also, remember to constantly reassure them that this move is a leap forward.
  • Improve on the Old. An office relocation is a chance to create an ideal workspace that facilitates connectivity and promotes employee wellbeing. Therefore, encourage your organization to brainstorm innovative ways to collaborate, such as open seating arrangements, standing desks, and multi-use common areas. You can even draw inspiration from other companies that have successfully made this transition.
  • Retain Some of the Familiar. While the new office location allows a fresh start, retaining signature elements, particularly those steeped in company heritage, can help ease the transition. Whether it’s retaining beloved office furniture, signature art pieces, or even just keeping your same office plants, these familiar touches will make your new office feel like home.
  • Give Room for Adjustment. Growing accustomed to different lighting, noise levels, commute routes, and local amenities takes time. So, expect a period of growing pains, where you’ll ideally focus on listening to your employees’ adapting challenges and successes. By doing this, you’ll be able to make accommodations based on real experience instead of assumptions. With a little patience and care, the new space will soon feel just right!

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