Four Steps to Take Before Requesting a Moving Estimate

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Have you finally committed to moving to a new home but have no idea where to begin? Moving can often feel overwhelming even if you have loads of time under your belt. But there are some ways you can relieve this stress, like getting an accurate moving estimate from your mover.

Four Steps to Take Before Requesting a Moving Estimate

Follow this guide on what you need to do before requesting a comprehensive estimate that will keep your move on track:

  1. Know the Moving Distance. The first thing you need to figure out is how far you’re moving. Knowing the exact mileage between your current home and your new home is crucial for movers to calculate costs. Moving companies typically estimate costs based on mileage, moving time, weight of belongings, and crew size needed. When you have an accurate understanding of the moving distance, the company can better assess your relocation needs.
  2. Decide What Needs to Be Moved. Make a detailed inventory of which possessions you want to move versus leave behind. Separate items into essentials, like furniture or valuables, and items you can purge. Understanding the scope and quantity of items being transported gives the movers valuable information for calculating your moving estimate.
  3. Have a Consistent Inventory. Keep your inventory consistent over time. If you indicate you have three bedrooms’ worth of furniture and boxes early on but add significantly more items later, it can increase costs.
  4. Make an Early Call. Finally, contact your movers early in your planning process with the key details prepared. This will give you an early snapshot of potential moving costs. Additionally, it gives you flexibility to schedule a moving date that works best for you.

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