The Difference Between Affordable Movers and Cheap Movers

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While expensive national brands promise white glove service, small moving companies offer this and much more at reasonable rates. This explains why many homeowners prefer affordable movers from within their local community. However, when researching such affordable options, it’s important to understand the differences between legitimate low-cost moving companies and dodgy, too-good-to-be-true movers.

The Difference Between Affordable Movers and Cheap Movers

With a potential move in the making, how do you distinguish between affordable movers and cheap movers?

  • Training and Expertise. In addition to being cost-effective, affordable movers invest in training their staff on proper moving techniques and customer service practices. On the other hand, cheap movers don’t usually undergo structured training programs. Instead, they usually hire unskilled friends or relatives to assist them in the move.
  • Moving Techniques. Being affordable should never mean shoddy service. Affordable movers know how to handle fragile items, disassemble and reassemble items, load moving trucks efficiently, secure items in transit, and more. Cut-rate movers often lack these moving best practices, often leading to damaged belongings.
  • Insurance Policy. Any incidents of damage to your belongings should be covered by a solid compensation policy. While responsible movers often have agreements in place to repair or replace any damaged items, cheap movers tend to shrug off responsibility, leaving you to bear replacement costs on top of your moving fees.
  • Quality of Estimate. Be wary of super low estimates. An affordable moving estimate must factor in several variables, from weight to moving distance and time. This reflects a commitment to impeccable service, unlike a cheap estimate filled with cost-cutting techniques that will undoubtedly affect the quality of your move.

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