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You can rely on us for efficient appliance moving services.

If you are moving to a new house, one task you need to take care of is appliance moving. Refrigerators, laundry machines, dishwashers, and other bulky appliances all need to be handled with care, and you can expect nothing less than the utmost care when you hire our team. We have the equipment, workers, and skills needed to provide appliance moving services in McMinn County, Tennessee, and we encourage you to contact us for peace of mind on moving day.

Appliance Moving in McMinn County, TN

Although we are not equipped to move appliances weighing over 600 pounds, we can move a wide variety of appliances, pack them into our truck or your moving truck safely and securely, and make sure to finish the whole process in a timely manner. Our appliance moving services will make your life easier while you deal with the stress of your move, and we’ll provide the family-like service you deserve. After all, our team members are all McMinn County natives who love to help the local community.

Don’t try to handle appliance moving on your own. Hiring a team with the proper equipment and training means that you can prevent injury and damage to your appliances. It also means you can spend more time on other tasks that need your attention. Furthermore, we will give you extra confidence in our services by agreeing to compensate you for any damage caused to your belongings during the move.

Allow our hardworking employees to lighten your load by contacting us for an appliance moving quote today.

At McMinn Moving N More, we offer appliance moving services in Madisonville, Athens, and all of McMinn County, Loudon County, Bradley County, and Monroe County, Tennessee.