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We’re proud to be a moving company our community can rely on.

Moving is stressful. From packing and organizing to loading and unloading, the entire process can leave you feeling drained, both physically and emotionally. However, you don’t have to handle it on your own. Enlisting the help of a professional moving company can make moving feel much more manageable, whether you’re moving by yourself or with your entire family. If you’ve been searching for a moving company here in the McMinn County, Tennessee area, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at McMinn Moving N More is ready to do all we can to make your next move a smooth process.

Moving Company in McMinn County, Tennessee

One of the major things that set us apart as a moving company is that our team consists of local residents who were born and raised in the area. We’re driven by a passion for helping our neighbors during the stressful process of moving, and you can count on us to do our part to ensure that everything goes according to plan on your moving day.

We’re happy to accommodate your preferences for packing the truck, or we can efficiently take over with minimal direction if you need to focus on other things. Our team is always extremely careful and attentive, but for added peace of mind, we also provide compensation for the unlikely event that an item is damaged while in our care.

We recommend that our prospective customers give us a call at least a week or two before they expect to move. This advanced notice helps ensure that we’re able to accommodate your moving request, although we do our best to fit in same or next day moving services when possible.

We’re proud to be a trusted moving company for our friends and community members throughout McMinn County. Call today to get started with a quote!

At McMinn Moving N More, our moving company proudly serves Madisonville, Athens, and all of McMinn County, Loudon County, Bradley County, and Monroe County, Tennessee.


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